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Rushton Row and Sailboat

Row and Sail Boat

Pleasure boats are what J. Henry Rushton called them and this design is certainly a pleasure to use. The boat shown here is his Florida Model that is 16' long with a beam of 42" and 16" deep amidship. The 17' Wanderer shown in the Adirondack Museum is the same model. Built similar to the canoes but with a little it thicker planking and ribs for added strength. The 32" decking and side decks and all around coaming allow sailing with the gunwales in the water. The pictures show the boat with leeboards but a folding centerboard would be a nice addition while giving you more room inside. The sail area here is 95 sq. ft. and is a balanced lug rig. Other sizes and types of rigs can be supplied to suit you. This boat is also built as just a rowing boat for those who want a boat that is fancier than the Rangeley guide boat.

Pete Culler Design

Culler 1

I built this boat for a client many years ago and my brother-in law is using it now. It is 15' daysailer that has plenty of room. Built with Bermuda boat lines and a Chesapeake cross-planked v- bottom and Lap strake topside. It has a heavy oak keel and wood centerboard. I love building sailboats and could build this or a similar design if asked.

Culler 2

Canoe Yawls

Canoe Yawls 1
Length:13' to 18'
Beam:3' 4" to 5' 1"
Depth, amidships:16" to 2' 6"

These are larger craft along the same lines as the sailing canoe but better suited for large lakes and the bays and arms of the seas. They are capable of carrying two to three people, but still light enough for single-handed use. For those who would not feel comfortable sailing a canoe this is the next step up. Sail areas would be from 60 to 150 sq. ft. or more depending on the length of the boat.

Yawl models can vary in size to suit your needs. I have plans for several designs and would be happy to work with you to get what you want.

Canoe Yawls 2
Canoe Yawl Cassy