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Pulling Boats

To fill this niche for quality rowing boats for general recreational uses, I have decided to reproduce some of the models that were built before outboard motors became popular.

These boats range from small lightweight Rushton models to stable Rangeley fishing boats. All are fine-lined and row well. The lines of the Rangeley are shown below. Other models that can be built on request include the Piscataqua Wherry, Rushton rowboats and a Herreshoff design. You can decide which type would best suit your needs.

Pulling boats

Rangeley Lake Boats:

SpecificationsEllis Design
Depth, amidships:12"15"
Weight:100 lbs180 lbs

Rangeley Lake boats are real working guide boats that do not have unnecessary fancy features but have all that is needed for the true fly fishing purist. The hull lines provide ease in handling with just enough depth to handle the western Maine lakes when the wind kicks up. Construction is kept simple with copper clinch nails and galvanized nails throughout; very few screws are used in keeping with tradition. The decks are simple pine boards nailed at the sheer. Paint is standard choice on these with gray or green the common colors. Seats are pine and can be standard wood slats or the milk-stool seats, which are round and placed to keep those inexperienced passengers centered in the boat. The outer keel is designed to keep the boat moving straight ahead when a fish is hooked and you have to let go of the oars. Originally built as double enders transoms were added to the designs when outboard motors came out. A wineglass transom allows a small outboard while keeping the rowing lines and wider transoms let you put on a larger motor.

Although the boat seems popular, as of 2009 I have yet to build a new one. These photos show some of the many I have restored or sold through the shop.

Rangeley Lake Boats Rangeley interior
Eggshell Rangeley
Rangeley 18 foot Eggshell Rangeley


Wherry Herreshoff

The Piscatiqua Wherry is a design that came from my hometown of Porstmouth NH. The boat was used to get around in the tidal river that has the 3rd fastest current in the US. The lines are good for rowing and the boat has done well in the traditional boat racing circuit over the years. The wherries are sleeker versions of the more common dories and construction is similar. Thicker pine is used for planking and the frames are spaced far apart compared to the other designs in my catalog. A similar Herreshoff Wherry design is also shown here. These boats should be painted and good color choices can make a very nice looking boat.